Shariff sample page

To add Shariff on all (single) posts please use the admin menu.

Shariff pur [shariff]

(uses the defaults of the admin menu or if not set to old default services="twitter|facebook|googleplus|info" of the first implementation by Heise)

[shariff services="facebook|addthis|googleplus|whatsapp|vk|threema|pinterest|xing|linkedin|reddit|tumblr|stumbleupon|diaspora|twitter|flattr|patreon|paypal|paypalme|bitcoin|mailform|mailto|rss|printer|info"]

(all that are possible / WhatsUp will only render on mobil devices)

[shariff services="mail|info"]

(only mail und info)

[shariff orientation="vertical"]

smaller Buttons
[shariff buttonsize="small"]

[shariff theme="grey" backend="on"]

[shariff theme="white" backend="on"]
[shariff theme="round" backend="off"]
[shariff theme="round" backend="on"]

info_url (used in the service=“info“)
[shariff service="info" info_url=""]

lang (default is depending on browser)
[shariff lang="de"]

[shariff lang="en"]
[shariff lang="fr"]
[shariff lang="es"]

[shariff backend="on"]

Check that backend is usable with (replace with your domain)

[shariff style="width: -moz-fit-content; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: intrinsic; width: -webkit-min-content;" service="info" info_url=""]

If do you see a Shariff block behind this, it was enabled in the admin menu.